Trending in the news this week: LinkedIn continues it’s string of acqusitions with purchase of Marketing firm Bizo * BlueKai spearheads an Oracle Data Cloud effort * IBM bets big on the Watson supercomputer * PlaceIQ expands its executive lineup with 2 new Senior VPs.   LinkedIn Makes Another Deal, Buying Bizo New York Times […]

Trending this week: Internet of Things Privacy Summit * Ad Tech groups being abused? * New avenues for Programmatic Ad Spend * There’s a new COO at Acxiom * and more.   Internet of Things Privacy Working Group Begins Forming DM News – July 11, 2014 by Al Urbanski The ‘Internet Of Things’ Will Soon […]

Trending in the news this week: has grown Facebook audience with a calculated plan * IBM bets $3 Billion on technology to survive Moore’s Law * and Restaurant startup Cover aims to make splitting the tab a hassle of the past. How is winning on Facebook Digiday – July 9, 2014 by Lucia […]

Topics in the news this week: The era of the Internet-connected ecosystem * Foursquare charges its developer partners for mapping data * Time Inc wants to build the next LinkedIn or Facebook * Boston park benches are joining the “smart” phenomenon * and much more.   THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING: 2014 [SLIDE DECK] – […]

Here’s what’s trending this week: Could step by step directions soon include how to maneuver through a store? * Wearable tech gear for various industries are on the horizon * Smart Chips are the next step in credit card technology * Facebook has a history of tracking its users * In-store “cookies” could help retailers […]

Time Inc’s CEO says they’re playing digital catch-up * After a decade since its inception, the era of cloud computing is truly here * Honeywell takes aim at Google and Apple * Google sets its sights on acquiring satellite imaging company Skybox * plus more items trending this week. Clients Time Inc. CEO: We’re playing […]

            Dr. Charles Stryker presenter at TEDxFultonStreet 2014 themed “Chrysalis: Radical Transformations” New York, NY – June 10, 2014 – Dr. Charles Stryker, the Founder and CEO of The Venture Development Center, Inc. presented at TEDxFultonStreet 2014. Dr. Stryker participated in the “Digital Session”, which was simulcast over the web. […]

Trends in the news this week: Your little data, or the smallest marketing details, are costing you millions * and now that you can copyright APIs, what do you do? Trends Forget Big Data – Get Your Little Data Right! (It’s Costing You Millions) Business2Community – June 3,2014 by Andrew France APIs Can Be Copyrighted… […]

Here’s what’s creating buzz this week: 5 tenets of “The Father of Advertising – David Ogilvy ” that still apply to digital marketing * The Economist discusses the hype surrounding “Internet of Things” and the FTC labels List Brokers as Data Brokers in a new report. Clients 5 Ogilvyisms That Still Apply to Digital Media […]

Items making the rounds this week: Cisco’s CEO sees hope in their current business plan, but worries about NSA conduct * IBM’s trouble with the cloud era * what is cross-device tracking? * And Western Union uses Big Data to stop wire transfer fraud. Clients John Chambers Sees Hope in Cisco’s Long Road Ahead Re/code […]


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