Making news: The IOT offers real time engagement to marketers for better customer interactivity * IBM’s Watson has created a cookbook *Madison Logic’s Bombora is intended to be the largest resource for behavioral intent data in the B2B community * and more. [Infographic] The Marketing Power of the Internet of Things: Connectivity for Better Customer […]

Making news: iHeartMedia Will Sell Radio Ads Programmatically * The New York Times asks when are humans needed in automated decision making * LinkedIn acquires technical e-learning company * and much more. Customer Success Insights LinkedIn– March 27, 2015 by Adam Joseph Data Quality Is Lacking Direct Marketing News– April 3, 2015 by Andrew […]

Making news this week: The cost of data; both good and bad * Oracle’s Data Cloud is proving invaluable with B2B data * Five tips to make the best of Social Media Marketing * and more. The Cost of Bad Data Is High, but So Is the Cost of Researching Leads LinkedIn– March 27, 2015 […]

In the news: How the estimated future 30 million first party data smart devices will affect the IoT * New start up has created an automated system to determine who to hire based on voice *Google’s Pony Express project aims to let users view and pay bills within Gmail * and more. First-Party Data Will […]

In the news: Point 72 hires 30 people for project to expand on quantitative investing * 60 Minutes reports on the problems caused by the faults in the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File * The railway system is set to join the Internet of Things * and much more. Europe’s Data Privacy Draft Likely […]

In the news: Twitter increases Acxiom’s role in their audience targeting program * Top credit reporting agencies agree to change their approach to fixing errors and medical debt reporting * Meet Mount Sinai’s Dr. Data, Jeffrey Hammerbacher * and more. Twitter Expands Involvement With Acxiom Direct Marketing News – March 6, 2015 by Al Urbanski […]

In the news this week: Nielsen acquires eXelate, one of the last standalone data-management platforms * A primer on what LiveRamp offers compared to other data providers * Embedded microchip coming to credit cards – deadline looms * and more. The FCC approves strong net neutrality rules The Washington Post – February 26, 2015 by […]

            Dr. Charles Stryker guest speaker at Sabre’s “Data & Analytics Day – Powering Opportunities” on the topic of “Big Data, Big Opportunities”. Southlake, TX – February 18, 2015 –Dr. Stryker, Founder and CEO of The Venture Development Center LLC, spoke about the history, current and future state of the […]

            Dr. Charles Stryker spoke at the 2015 Adlucent Client Summit – “Powering Customer Discovery in an Omnichannel World” Austin, TX – February 20, 2015 –Dr. Stryker, Founder and CEO of The Venture Development Center LLC, spoke at the 2015 Adlucent Client Summit at the AT&T Executive Education & Conference […]

In the news this week: AT&T’s new Gigapower internet service charges for data privacy * Axciom’s LiveRamp Connect is a rebrand of AOS * Edmunds is carefully making its automotive shopper data available to advertisers * plus much more. Facebook Drops More Than 15 Companies From FBX Ad Wxchanger – February 19, 2015 by Zach […]


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